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We are a result-driven automotive software development company that helps manufacturers, dealerships, car sharing and rental services and drivers to automate operations, better engage with customers, streamline communication, and enhance driving experience.

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Dealership management systems

We develop custom DMS that enable organizations to take full control of every aspect of the sales process, service follow-up, financing, insurance, and warehouse management. We help automotive businesses ensure smooth information flows within distribution networks of all sizes and geographical locations.

We implement custom and platform-based CRM solutions for retailers to boost their omnichannel sales strategies, customer service, in-store and digital experiences.


We streamline retail back-office operations through a holistic ERP system integration with your business automation ecosystem.

Our ecommerce consultants help retailers launch and grow their digital stores, advising on every aspect of ecommerce technology implementation and optimization.

We streamline retail back-office operations through a holistic ERP system integration with your business automation ecosystem.

Engagenreap helps retailers implement data-powered personalization solutions to enhance customers’ loyalty, create efficient marketing campaigns, expand customer base, and increase sales.

Automotive ecommerce solutions

Whether you sell auto parts, new or used vehicles, we offer full-cycle ecommerce development services. We cover every aspect of omnichannel automotive digital sales, from website design to matching mobile apps.

Digital stores

We build traffic-grabbing and scalable automotive ecommerce websites that support advanced catalog management, a variety of secure payment options, customer support chatbots, and more features necessary to provide competitive digital experience.

Mobile apps

We develop feature-packed mobile solutions that help better engage with customers and drive revenue. Our expertise in mobile app development enables us to provide seamless in-app navigation, effective UI/UX design and functionality rooted in your business needs.

Connected vehicles and cloud data

engagenreap team develops secure cloud solutions and big data platforms to help automotive companies accelerate research & development, improve driving experience, and create new revenue sources. We help enhance in-car driving experience by enabling vehicles to receive over-the-air software updates for diagnostic and maintenance purposes. We make vehicles personalized with the help of remote access and AI-based adaptive technologies.

Smart navigation

We build mobile solutions for customers that allow them to: Activate loyalty program membership Place orders into virtual shopping carts Use smartphones as self-service kiosks Get access to augmented shopping

Remote vehicle access

Keyless access to cars is a perfect tool not only for car sharing companies and car rentals, but also for families that want to share a vehicle. Connected car systems enable remote car diagnostics and configuration at any time and in any place.

AI-powered personalization

Automotive companies can now provide greater comfort for drivers by personalizing their experience based on past behavior, vehicle location, fuel level, driving habits, and more. Collected data can be used for highly-relevant service or product recommendations.

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Learn how Engagenreap helped a leading European supplier with web performance optimization of their online supermarket.


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