Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Enr offers an agile, dynamic, managed, and highly secure public cloud platform that can assist you in meeting your cloud initiatives efficiently. As one of the best-managed Cloud service provider, we serves 200+ clients on the scalable Public Cloud with tailor-made
solutions. We provide a model and tools for a secure and efficient way to operate in the cloud. You can transform your organization, modernize and migrate your applications, and accelerate innovation with EnR .

Why Choose Us?

EnR enables you to transfer valid data from the field level to the cloud. Combined with other information and its evaluation, EnR would open up completely new possibilities:
  • Better product quality thanks to a big-data analysis of all relevant parameters
  • Automatic process optimization thanks to the evaluation of movement data and the
    turnover rate of mobile assets
  • Preventive maintenance – the evaluation of key machine and robot metrics to
    increase availability

With collaborating with us , you benefit from groundbreaking IoT applications, regardless of the type of plant that you operate.

Services We Provide

Risk Management

We at EnR focus on the negatives, threats and failures rather than opportunities and successes

Cloud Solutions

EnR helps organizations transform their IT environment with best-in-class Cloud Computing Services.

ERP Development

Combine your key business processes effectively with our ERP integration and customized software

Big Data

Advanced analytic techniques against large data sets, including structured / unstructured data.

CRM Development

We deliver best in class custom CRM to automate business process and increase customer loyalty.

Now drive to EnR and Avail cloud resources and services, such as hardware, software, virtual
machines, infrastructure, storage, and security which are controlled and operated by the cloud
service provider.
We are available with the Customize resources to meet specific IT requirements. Services and
infrastructure are dedicated to one organization and connectivity is supported over a private network. EnR would Ensure higher levels of control & privacy as resources are not shared apart from us . Let’s Comply with stringent security guidelines due to the ability to run protocols and configurations based on workload requirements
Now join us and Meet fluctuating demands with high efficiency with the Scale whenever and
however workloads demand, with the flexibility to transform infrastructure based on evolving
business and IT needs.

Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of IT resources over the Internet with pay-as- you-go pricing. Instead of buying, owning, and maintaining physical data centers and servers, you can access technology services, such as computing power, storage, and databases, on an as-needed basis from a cloud provider us.