Cyber Security

Delivering the Expertise to Keep Your Network Ahead of Tomorrow’s Threats

EnR’s team of cybersecurity experts are inspired to provide a sense of security and a high level of visibility to your company’s technology infrastructure. As you prepare for digital transformation, we have your back when it comes to eliminating risk and exposure to nefarious activity. We help plan and implement your security posture to prevent malicious attacks.

EnR’s cyber resiliency best practices, advanced technologies and expertise help you defend against those risks, protects your business-critical applications and data, and helps accelerate recovery from data breach or similar disruption. Our Services helps protect platform configurations and applications data by using air-gapped protection, immutable storage, and anomaly detection while orchestrating rapid and reliable recovery at the disaster recovery (DR) site.

Our Services

Business Continuity Planning

Compliance Testing

Data Security Management

Email Security

Team security training

Monitoring & Prevention

5 REASONS TO CHOOSE EnR Cyber Security



Through future proofing your technology solutions, business growth intelligence and data visualization.



Integrating your tools and software to streamline operations, ensure business continuity, maximize compliance and mitigate risk.



Helping your team and IT systems perform better through your operational assets, collaboration tools, phones & VoIP etc.



Developing your security foundation through anti-virus, employee training, process improvement, network maintenance and technology driven security layers.



The infrastructure, strategy and plan that you need to keep the doors open and operate the business well.

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