Digital commerce

End-to-end ecommerce development services

Our ecommerce development company specializes in building integrated ecommerce infrastructures optimized for providing effortless customer experience. We set up front-office and back-office automation, maintain interoperability within the connected environment, and provide intuitive tools for non-technical users to manage their ecommerce solutions.

Ecommerce portals

We build online platforms as hubs for your operations. These are connected spaces where online shoppers can enjoy intuitive experiences while businesses can operate within centralized systems. This allows for efficient management of goods and services as well as transparent information flows between supply chain parties.

Product listing and pricing

We develop tools that facilitate product information management across multiple channels, including product categorization, cataloging, search, filtering and comparison. We apply intelligent process automation to personalize product listings and promotions, provide dynamic pricing, and serve smart recommendations

Orders and deliveries

Our solutions streamline order management and allow customers to place orders and make returns using channels of their choice, tracking their order status in real time. We integrate automated order processing, which brings together your back-office staff and fulfillment contractors.

Payment tools

We integrate our custom ecommerce solutions with e-payment tools, such as trusted payment gateways, e-wallets, and connected point-of-sale systems. Our team pays special attention to security of each solution and makes sure your customers can shop safely on both web and mobile.

Marketing and sales automation

We help streamline marketing and sales activities by automating customer segmenting and profiling, lead nurturing, loyalty management, and more so that you can predict and influence demand, upsell and cross-sell effectively, as well as maximize conversions via personalization.

Supply chain management

Our team provides technological enablement for the entire product lifecycle, from manufacturer to store. We develop solutions that streamline warehousing, stock management, shipment, delivery, and returns. We also automate order routing, inventory forecasting, fuel management, and more logistic workflows.

Get proactive control over customer journeys with a tailored ecommerce solution

Ecommerce analytics

Itransition delivers ecommerce analytics systems for digital retailers to enhance customer management, reveal effective acquisition channels, and generate other data-driven insights.

Ecommerce CRM

Itransition covers all stages of ecommerce CRM implementation, from customization and integration to user training.

Ecommerce ERP

Itransition provides holistic ecommerce ERP solution implementation for automating and streamlining workflows with a single back-office management hub.

Ecommerce personalization

We provide personalization tools for B2B and B2C retailers to create outstanding customer experiences, market their products more efficiently, and increase sales.

Ecommerce data security

We take care of ecommerce customers’ security and data privacy by delivering solutions with inherent compliance with regulatory requirements and standards, as well as advanced user authentication and data protection mechanisms.

Ecommerce solutions for your business model

Itransition helps retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers outrun their competitors with bespoke ecommerce solutions fit for different business models, be it B2B, B2C, B2G, or C2C.

Online stores

We create responsive online stores with neat platform-agnostic design, integrating back-office automation tools, marketing and customer support options.

Trade portals

We build platforms that let all trading participants—suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers alike—partner, negotiate, and manage their deals globally.


We lay the technological foundation for centralized hubs to host stores by multiple vendors or aggregating online offers from private and business sellers.

Digital auctions

We create platforms for running auction-based commerce in real time, with interactive options such as in-portal messaging and video-streaming, as well as secure payment options.

Competitive technologies

We develop our ecommerce solutions based on advanced technologies to let business owners gain a competitive edge amid digital disruption. We make sure our solutions give you peace of mind while providing your customers with value-adding features.
  • Virtual store tours
  • 3D product demos
  • Product matching
  • Virtual try-on

We equip ecommerce enterprises with software solutions to power their network of interconnected devices and sensors, both in the back-office and consumer-facing operations:

  • Smart warehouses
  • Voice commerce
  • Shopping via wearables
  • Product provenance tracking

Our data scientists and engineers train machine learning models to create intelligent solutions for ecommerce service providers:

  • Image-based product search
  • Shoppable video solutions
  • Customer sentiment monitoring
  • Smart inventory management

Omnichannel commerce

With Itransition, businesses get device-agnostic ecommerce solutions that let customers make purchases, arrange returns, and get support via any channel of their choice. Our ecommerce developers connect channels, develop custom features, and leverage innovations to make customer journey truly seamless.

Connected experiences

Itransition delivers ecommerce platforms for engaging customers across multiple channels with consistently great experiences.

With all the channels under one roof, your customers will enjoy seamless shopping, being able to:

  • Switch screens during their product research
  • Use personalized promotions while in-store
  • Activate loyalty programs
  • Shop via social networks
  • Seek support by phone, messenger, or live chat
Get proactive control over customer journeys with a tailored ecommerce solution

Ecommerce platforms we work with

Our ecommerce web development team expertly leverages leading ecommerce platforms to make them fit for digital retailers’ needs.

SAP Commerce

A cloud solution for medium and large-scale businesses, equipped with rich built-in features and powered by AI.


An AI-powered cloud solution for medium and large-scale enterprises, designed for omnichannel commerce


A flexible ecommerce platform for medium and large-scale brands, offering multiple extensions and room for scaling.


An open-source ecommerce platform built for WordPress, which allows SMEs to create online stores and tailor them to their specific requirements.

Drupal Commerce

A highly customizable ecommerce software, suitable for startups and SMEs, with all its features available for free.

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