Employee Management System

Employee Management Portal

An employee management system is software, which helps your employees to give their best efforts every day to achieve the goals of your organization. It guides and manages employees’ efforts in the right direction. It also securely stores and manages personal and other work-related details for your employees. That makes it easier to store and access the data when there is a need.
In the employee management system, you can manage admin activities in an easier and quicker way. Employees are an important part of your organization it is their work that ultimately contributes to the bottom line of the company. It is an important part of HR management. It also helps to employee engagement and employee retention brings down costs and increases productivity.

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Saves Productive Time

Our employee management system offers an intelligent module to keep you organized. With the software, you can get all the data of your employees at your fingertips. The advantage of employee management software is that it is cloud-based software.Read More

Decision Making

With employee management software, you can utilize the standard metrics for employee management. You can also customize or create your own metrics for the needs of the staff management in your company with ease. .Read More

Prompt and Accurate Payroll

Payroll is one of the most difficult tasks to manage for the HR team in an organization. They need to manage it, keeping many things in mind like taxes, benefits of various company policies, and other deductions.Read More

Happy Workforce

The EnR HRMS is an employee management software that can keep your employees happy and create a happy workforce. A good work culture environment and a culture is a need of your employees. .Read More

Online Employee Management

EnR HRMS is the best employee management system for online workforce management in your organization. It does tasks such as keeping track of the workforce data to create.Read More

Employee Self Service Portal

EnR HRMS has the most efficient and dedicated platform for employees to access information regarding their leaves, salary, payslips and manager details. Read More

Benefits of EnR

Employee Management System

Employee Engagement

With a self-service portal, employees are more engaged and feel more empowered in your organization

Error-free Payroll

The software automates the payroll with accurate attendance, working hours tracking and legal compliance.

Access to Information

The staff can access the basic information on the portal without approaching human resources for it.

Remote Accessibility

This system allows your staff to work remotely and mark their attendance accurately anywhere effortlessly

Automate Data Entry

The cloud-based system allows you to automate and digitize manual data entry saving time and effort

Easy to Customize

EnR HRMS is easy to customize system which allows you flexibility with changing needs of your organization