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The days of going outside to buy groceries from the closest Kirana or a small grocery store on a weekly or monthly basis are long gone. Besides, grocery expenditure in India accounted for 21 percent of India’s economy. Moreover, groceries and snacks are now delivered at the gentle push of a button on an app. However, rapid change is seen in India’s megacities. The urban middle-class families are addicted to online shopping thanks to a year of intense marketing, big sales from e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart, and the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns.
The market value of grocery fromacross India was 396 billion Indian rupees in 2022. Despite this, over 95 percent of Indian grocery stores are made up of Kirana’s or a small grocery store. While supermarkets account for about four percent of total grocery shares, online groceries are not even near one percent. About two-thirds of India’s population resides in rural areas that are largely unaffected by the modern retail forms.

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Perfect Billing

Before finalizing a billing and accounting software for your business, make sure it provides the best value for money investment. Here are a few things to consider before finalizing a billing app for your grocery store.Read More

User-friendly interface

Make sure that using your Billing software does not require prior training for your employees. .Read More

Storage Tracking

Grocery stores sell a lot of items. You must know where you have placed a particular item in your racks within your shop. Read More

Multiple device compatibility

Grocery stores have many billing counters, and it is critical to have software that allows multiple installations to bill in all queues together. .Read More

Customizable features

It is better to have software that lets you customize your invoices. It helps you provide a unique experience to your customers. Read More

Credit Transactions

Give loyalty benefits to your regular and long-term customers by billing on credit or putting them on a monthly payment schedule. Read More

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Standalone Stores

Allow your store customers to order directly from your online grocery ordering app and website. Manage orders, delivery, and payment on a single dashboard.

Grocery Marketplace

Create a seamless online grocery ordering and delivery experience for your customers and increase your ROI from your online grocery marketplace business.

Grocery Chains

Manage multiple Grocery chains from a single dashboard. Increase your CSAT by providing them the liberty to order groceries online from their nearest store location.