EnR Smart Parking

EnR Smart Parking

Secured & Convenient – Parking Solution

A Smart Parking Management System is an ideal solution to show unoccupied parking spaces and guide parkers to quickly park in no time. Typically installed at shopping malls, airports, hospitals, office buildings, residential communities, etc., SPMS is composed of an Ultrasonic Sensor, Bay LED Indicator, LED Display, Data Collector, Center Processor, Software & accessories.


Customize Spaces

Customize & reserve parking space as per company, staff, pay-&-park, etc.

Slots per Vehicle Type

Allocate slots as per two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles to utilize all available space.

View Live Reports

No more manual checking of empty space. View it on your phone. Also view live reports.

Auto-Generated Passes

QR code-based passes are instantly auto-generated for a visitor.

On-Spot or Monthly Pay

Parking passes generated can be on pay-&-park or a monthly pay basis. It is FASTag enabled.

Access Control System

Integrate parking passes with access control system – boom barriers, biometrics, etc.

Slots on LED Display

Display empty slot info such as floor and bay on LED screens in the parking bay.

Ensure Periodic Patrolling

Monitor security guards on duty and shift changes in the parking bay area.

Levy Penalty for Violations

Levy instant penalty tickets, if any person or vehicle is found guilty of any time or rule violation.

EnR’s parking management software can power your smart parking monitoring

system with rapid configuration, deployment and easy integration with client


Data Integration

EnR’s Wireless LPWAN gathers data collected by EnR’s advanced vehicle detection sensors, organizing it in a meaningful way with our parking management software, and allowing the client to get a full view of parking real estate asset performance while also giving drivers access to monitoring parking lots in real time.

Backend Integration

We offer our clients the opportunity to choose between running the parking monitoring system from a dedicated IoT cloud-based backend application maintained by EnR/integrating it with a third-party on-premise or cloud solution of the customer’s choice.

Mobile Integration

Our parking monitoring system and parking lot management software are designed to work seamlessly with the most popular spot way-finding and payment applications. We guarantee unmatched app performance and functionality at the reasonable cost.

EnR Smart Parking Management System - At a Glance

Most parking spaces, including MLCP buildings, are manually managed. This makes managing multi-tenant, multi-level car parking chaotic – a headache for parking lot owners and providers.

EnR’s parking management system digitizes the end-to-end management of parking spaces and all parking processes related to visitors, vehicles, & payments.

It eliminates manual monitoring and tracking of vehicles. With EnR smart parking management system, you can define and customize areas like paid, visitor, staff, tenants, etc.

Allocation of slots becomes easy. Live countdown of occupied versus unoccupied slots, filled versus unfilled slots, etc. can be displayed on a LED screen and on the phone.

We Have Great Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

A parking management system automates a car parking system. It optimizes parking space and make processes efficient. It gives real-time car parking information such as vehicle & slot counts, available slots display, reserved parking, pay-and-park options, easy payments, reports, and a host of other features. 

It can be either. But a smart car parking system is a combination of both. EnR’s parking solution is an intelligent system comprising of integrated visitor management software and access control hardware.

Our smart parking system is suitable for all types of parking areas. It is specially designed for multi-tenant, multi-level car parking spaces. Parking space providers or owners that want to fast-track their parking processes and make them efficient should use EnR’s parking management system.

Our parking system is intelligent software that is integrated with both visitor management system and access control hardware.