EnR Smart Refridgerator

EnR Smart Refridgerator

Smart refrigerators feature a touchscreen interface and the ability to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi to provide a number of additional features. Smart refrigerators include internal cameras, more flexible user-controlled cooling options, and the ability for you to interact with its features using your smartphone or tablet when away from home. Some smart refrigerators can even connect with other smart devices in your home; such as speakers, smart TVs, and even your smart dishwasher or smart microwave. While exact features included will vary by brand and model, here is an overview of some of the many things you never knew a fridge could do. Keep in mind, not all smart refrigerators have the same features.


  • Coordinate schedules for every member of the family.
  • Look up recipes and have your fridge read the steps while you cook.
  • Create grocery lists that sync to your smartphone in real-time.
  • Set expiration dates and receive notifications to use food while it’s fresh.
  • Upload photos for display.
  • Create individual profiles for each family member to send them personal notes and to-do lists.
  • Use a whiteboard option to leave messages for your family.
  • Transparent touchscreens allow you to look inside the fridge without opening the door.
  • Cast from a smart TV in another room to watch from the kitchen.
  • The touchscreen is not the only novel thing a smart fridge can do.

You can also use your smart fridge features to:

  • Customize temperature by drawer or compartment.
  • Use interior cameras while at the store to double-check if you’re low on milk or eggs.
  • Alert you when the water filter needs to be changed.
  • Turn the ice maker on or off from your smartphone.

More Ways Smart Refrigerators Impress

Some models of smart refrigerators provide both cold and hot water. You select a temperature and amount of water you want to be heated and your smart refrigerator sends a notification to your smartphone when your heated water is ready. A few even come with a Keurig single-cup coffee maker built in, saving counter space and making your morning routine just a bit simpler.

Smart refrigerators have also incorporated sensors to make opening the door with your hands full no trouble at all. Sensors in the door respond to a gentle bump by opening the door for you. Some models have sensors at the bottom of the unit that respond to foot gestures to open the fridge door for you. And if the door isn’t closed securely, the sensors respond and automatically pull the door shut to keep your food fresh and prevent cool air from getting out and running up your energy bills.

Tools and Technologies

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