Industry Segments which are less explored by Chatbot / Digital Assistant

This is my 3rd in the series about the power of chatbots. Just to bring awareness to the layman out there, on how chatbot could continue to help you boost your both business / revenue and operations cost / profit margin.

Am trying to quickly bring into your notice those Industry segments or domains which are comparatively less explored by Digital Assistant aka Chatbot

Legal Services : Lawyers private community don’t need to spend time physically going through their Legal Taxonomy. All what they would need would be available at their fingertips. They can spend more quality time on attracting their customers and generate revenue

HealthCare : Doctors spend a lot of time and energy answering patients’ very basic repetitive questions which could be given to CHATBOT to be taken care of and focus more on what they have specialized. Good for hospitals to question the doctors on their productivity and good for doctors to have more fruitful time to update themselves to be in the competition. How could a hospital ensure that a patient would stick on to them for life time through digital assistant? Interested to know?

Education : An end to end learning experience at school and universities. A seamless experience for Teachers , Parents, Students and School Admin communities. Applicable for universities, schools and tuition centres.

As usual, more than happy to explain. Feel free to DM me anytime.

Jason Clark

An experienced director and marketing strategist for Fortune 100, mid-size and entrepreneurial organizations, I have run global marketing teams for cloud automation, industry based ERP, CRM management and technology companies.Software product marketing and product management leader with experience in marketing management, channel, and direct sales with an emphasis in Cloud, catalog and content management, ERP, MES, and Quality Management systems.