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We provide businesses with a broad range of cyber security services, covering all types of organizational IT assets. Our objective is to help create protected IT ecosystems where each building block is strong enough to resist a cyber attack.

IoT consulting

Our consultants will assist with shaping your vision into a workable IoT adoption strategy and build a project roadmap that aligns with your business goals..

IoT platform development

We will deliver a full-fledged IoT hub for you to easily manage, configure, and monitor the network of diverse connected devices from a single control center.

IoT application development

Engagenreap team creates powerful employee- and consumer-oriented mobile apps for end users to harness the potential of IoT devices anywhere, anytime.

IoT analytics

Our internet of things developers set up custom BI systems able to distill accurate predictions and actionable insights out of the breadth of IoT-generated data.

Ready to uncover the power of IoT?

Enterprise IoT


We interconnect your enterprise devices, from manufacturing equipment to corporate tablets, creating a unified, easily manageable IoT system.


We enhance your enterprise IoT ecosystem with beacons to open up new connectivity opportunities for indoor and outdoor smart devices.

RFID tags

Our IoT development company creates applications for managing RFID-connected objects to level up asset, equipment and product visibility and monitoring capabilities.


Engagenreap team enables remote sensor management and data collection via tailored IoT software for unceasing monitoring of the organizational environment.

Consumer IoT


We complement consumer-oriented wearables with feature-rich intuitive applications that become central to these connected devices’ value proposition.

Internet of medical things

Our team helps health systems and practices make the idea of IoMT a reality through interconnected networks of medical and consumer-grade devices.

Connected vehicles

Engagenreap IoT engineers are bringing the future of autonomous vehicles closer with custom AI-based platforms that facilitate intelligent interaction between automotive sensors.

Smart home

We capitalize on our AI and mobile development expertise to help you build autonomous home automation systems with the focus on security and convenience.

Custom mobile applications

From gathering requirements to UX design and backend engineering, Engagenreap covers all the stages of creating native, cross-platform and hybrid mobile solutions

Cloud solutions

We help businesses get their share of benefits from the cloud with well-thought-out deployment strategies and all-round technological support, including cloud architectures and integrations.

Digital enterprise

In addition to IoT enablement, we assist enterprises with other digital initiatives in the realms of business process automation, data analytics, infrastructure management, and more.

Machine learning

Engagenreap offers its specialized knowledge and technological set to create and integrate intelligent machine learning models for advanced data applications across industries.

Computer vision systems

We equip devices with computer vision capabilities that find applications wherever intelligent, autonomous image recognition and processing is required.

VPOS solutions

We augment your brand’s physical environments with smart POS software to engage your customers while collecting valuable data and serving as a valuable chain link in your enterprise automation.

IoT software development: essential stages

Connectivity setup

Our team helps you decide on the IoT connectivity protocols appropriate for your use case, taking into account the target coverage range and types of devices.


We build interactive prototypes consisting of an operable user interface and backend, with connectivity protocols in place, to validate your project assumptions.

Data management

Engagenreap team can integrate third-party tools for data collection, processing and visualization, or develop the corresponding functionality from scratch.

Security and compliance

We insure your IoT environment against cybersecurity vulnerabilities and align it with the global and case-specific security guidelines.

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IoT development for your industry

We develop interconnected ecosystems that bring physical and digital sales channels together while also streamlining store operations. From pushing personalized offers to customers’ devices to monitoring stock levels on every shelf— the internet of things makes it all possible for retail outlets.

  • Smart shelves
  • Beacons
  • Automated checkout
  • Digital signage

ur team can tool up your clinical facility with turnkey IoT software that will unite every medical device and wearable into a single network, allowing your staff to remotely monitor and treat patients as well as tap into real-time patient data for faster, more accurate diagnoses and care.

  • Connected inhalers
  • Smart insulin pumps
  • Patient wearables
  • Smart beds

Itransition brings the internet of things to manufacturing for you to gain complete control over every production stage, efficiently manage factory-floor assets and ensure better, safer working conditions for staff both at the workstations and in the field.

  • Connected production lines

  • Industrial robots

  • Environment sensors

  • Worker wearables

Itransition delivers custom smart farming IoT systems encompassing devices for real-time field, livestock and weather condition monitoring, with irrigation and fertilization controls, and tools for analyzing collected data at the predictive and prescriptive levels.

  • Livestock monitors

  • Climate sensors

  • Water supply controls

  • Agricultural drones

We cooperate with logistics providers to promote visibility into supply chains via the sensor-enabled internet of things. In our solutions, suites of interconnected devices enable both cargo owners and shipping partners to keep track of cargo location and delivery speed, as well as monitor warehousing and shipment conditions.

  • Cargo tracking

  • RFID scanners

  • Smart locks

  • Connected lighting & temperature monitoring

We help municipal authorities and private companies enhance the quality of life for city dwellers with IoT-powered infrastructures. Our solutions connect to smart meters, sensors, lights, and other ‘things’ to allow for efficient urban system administration backed with real-time data collection and management.

  • Smart street lighting
  • Traffic sensors
  • Smart parking
  • Air quality monitors

Our stack of IoT technologies

At Engagenreap, we leverage major IoT technologies to deliver reliable and fully-functional software. In addition to our proficiency in IoT-specific programming languages, our engineers are well-versed in third-party IoT platforms and microcontroller-based boards. Beyond that, our IoT software development company runs continuous R&D in this domain to broaden our expertise in emerging connectivity trends.

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Enterprise cybersecurity: protecting your business

Grab this detailed enterprise cybersecurity overview with the examples of the most typical cyberattacks and well-elaborated countermeasures to them.

Industrial IoT security: protecting your enterprise

Learn what security threats plague industrial IoT today and what countermeasures to adopt against them.
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