Key directions of software consulting

Since entering the Global software development market for over 20 years , EnR has been an inspiring leader in IT services, consulting and business solutions. It is guiding businesses, organisations toward more effective operations, services, and products with tailored software solutions.We understand our customers’ needs and always aim to engage with our customers so that our customers can realise their potential as well. As a software consulting company, EnR sees its mission in helping companies across industries create optimal digital environments aligned with their technical capacity, business requirements, employees’ needs, and customers’ expectations and ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match.

Software implementation strategy

EnR with the experts team help companies draw up their short-term and long-term software implementation strategies for the perfect implication . We advocate reasonable software investment while ensuring smooth business transformation through custom solutions and their safe adoption.

Technology advisory services

EnR’s software consultants assist our customers in selecting the right technology stacks for their solutions as we assess the viability of the initial idea and consider the most optimal tech. We support companies with new ideas about their business digitalization. EnR helps businesses review technologies’ pros and cons before starting their projects.

Business solution consulting

EnR is a trusted and a global software company and partner of a large number of companies and has helped them in hundreds of projects across a variety of industries.When companies have doubts choosing the right software for their challenges, we assist them with the best business solution.

Technology consulting: our approach

EnR is a global Consulting organization that supports businesses at different stages of their software development and implementation projects. EnR’s specialized team focuses on technical implementation and advises on how to translate initial ideas into technical solutions.We have the skills and expertise to shape early concepts into detailed solution specifications. We also monitor the architectural logic of the product and solve other technical issues.We also manage full-cycle development of enterprise systems of any complexity and integrate them smoothly into business processes and IT infrastructures.

  1. From idea to technology

We support enthusiastic companies with new ideas about their business digitalization. As a technology consulting company, we assess the viability of the initial idea and consider the most optimal tech stack for its realization.

  1. From technology to project plan

We carry out business analysis to align the validated idea with actual business operations and draw up a relevant development and implementation plan.

  1. From project plan to implementation

Sticking to the project plan and the selected engagement model, we design and configure custom software according to the discussed requirements. Upon request, we provide a long-term strategy of post-deployment software maintenance and upgrade.

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Complete service scope

Our Global IT consulting services span custom web and mobile development, software migration, integration, and support. We also help businesses set up DevOps practices and provide effective project management.

Product engineering

EnR has been a trusted software product engineering services partner for over 20 years, working alongside today’s leading software brands. Our software product engineering services reach across every stage of the software development life cycle to help accelerate software engineering and drive software modernization initiatives to transform your product experiences

Application services

EnR’s application services help you reconceptualize your application landscape, with speed and agility, while continuously innovating to realize business value.From the development of new applications, through modernization, management and maintenance, we cover all stages of the application lifecycle.

Mobile enablement

EnR’s mobility enablement solutions computing products and services help deliver information on demand to mobile work forces.We assists companies in adopting mobile technologies to design mobile adoption strategies and implement mobile solutions for businesses to make their operations, services and products available for mobile users globally.

System integration

The Breadth and Depth of our System Integration Capabilities enables us to leverage your IT investments, minimize your risk and deliver complete system integration services and solutions addressed to your unique business needs.We combine complex technologies together with our proven processes to maximize compatibility, interoperability and enterprise wide information integration.

Managed IT services

EnR comes up with a pack of managed IT services for businesses that lack human resources to manage their software environments or those wanting to delegate this task to a dedicated team .We offer IT solutions for your business which we make so simple to select, set up and manage.

DevOps setup

EnR’s offers Powerful DevOps software to build, deploy and manage security-rich, cloud-native apps across multiple devices, environments and clouds. In addition to following DevOps best practices in our projects we help companies to achieve greater efficiency of their software delivery and the collaboration of development and operational teams.

Application modernization

With the rapidly changing Information architecture landscape, EnR offers you to to modernize your legacy systems to give your product a fresh look with optimum speed and efficiency. It’s time to modernize, we provide comprehensive legacy software audit, offer a route for improvement, and upgrade the app according to your new tech.

Driven Result

EnR’s team of 100+ software engineers and technology consultants managed a major digital transformation of a large UK furniture manufacturer. Owing to the delivered solutions, the customer increased their sales by 21% while extending their business to the premium market segment.

Sales growth

Digital transformation of a UK furniture manufacturer

EnR’s team of 100+ software engineers and technology consultants managed a major digital transformation of a large UK furniture manufacturer. Owing to the delivered solutions, the customer increased their sales by 21% while extending their business to the premium market segment.

Active users

An investment management suite for a US provider

EnR helped one of the largest US providers of online investment solutions to design and implement a comprehensive investment management suite for individual investors. The suite gained a great popularity among its target audience that grew from 10,000 to over 30,000 users, with the total value of managed portfolios of $20 billion.

Lower technical debt

Software ecosystem revamp for a retail chain

By getting a sophisticated software ecosystem back on the rails, EnR’s experts helped the owner of a retail chain to cut 30% of their technical debt caused by critical inconsistencies in their retail software, including indexing and search errors, recurring 404 errors, and cache failures

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Transforming your tech ecosystem

Cloud computing

We support the global shift to cloud technologies through our specialized software consulting services. Our essential goal is to elaborate step-by-step cloud adoption strategies and ensure trouble-free implementation of cloud solutions in specific business contexts. Our competences include consulting on cloud platforms, their deployment with the necessary infrastructure modifications, cloud solution customization, and development of custom cloud apps from the ground up.

Smart technologies

We help businesses gain new competitive advantages with solutions based on the latest innovations. We advocate a gradual transition to smart solutions and incorporate them seamlessly into existing IT environments.


Why technology consulting by EngagenReap

Expertise rooted in practice

The competencies and skills we have today are the result of over two decades of software development practice. Our portfolio constantly expands with new projects and success stories from our customers, and we stay open to new challenges.

Cross-disciplinary talent pool

Partnering with EngagenReap, you can build your project team choosing from over 3,000+ software engineers, solution architects, business analysts, testing experts, and project managers

Industry knowledge

We manage software consulting and development projects across multiple industries. Our team includes experienced business analysts who can effectively translate industry requirements to the language of technical specifications.

Partnership with global software vendors

EngagenReap is a long-term partner of the world’s leading technology vendors, including Microsoft, Salesforce, Atlassian, Amazon, and more. Our specialists go through regular certification to validate their knowledge of providers’ requirements and best practices.

Adherence to international security & quality standards

EngagenReap follows recognized security and compliance standards. We ensure secure project workflows and help businesses implement software aligned with specific industry guidelines on software configuration, data storage and processing.


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