EnR Logistic

A simple solution to all the complex problems in Logistics, taking your business to another level.

IT Solution in Logistic

In the last 10 years, e-commerce has heightened people's expectations on Online Shopping. When users buy an item online, they need it to be fast, reliable and mainly, to have no shipping charges.

This is one of the major reasons why Shippers and Logistics service providers(LSPs) have the urging need to upgrade themselves in providing their goods and products, in order to offer an improvised and a more efficient service to their fellow customers.

In Logistics, there are several factors to be taken care of, such as

Customer's needs
On time delivery
Safe transportation of the products
Types of goods
Traffic patterns
Driver's skills
Cutting costs

How can you achieve this?


Ensures the best routes through real-time navigation and other modes, that are available between the starting points and the destination, including all the stop points for the freight movement, making it feasible in terms of fuel consumption, cutting various other costs and enhancing the efficiency of the service.


Load Optimization

Shipment Consolidation facilitates shipment planning to make use of the carrier capacity to maximum, in order to ensure the best delivery pattern by reducing the transportation costs and improving resource management


Live Tracking

Cargo tracking ties largely into performance tracking, with many systems using the flow of goods as a metric of performance. It provides supply chain visibility, allowing users to get real-time updates through GPS tracking and various other identifiers.


Driver App

To gain control of your freight, know the status of both load and the vehicle, integrating your driver to the company, with all the necessary details, to monitor and evaluate the delivery and performance, just from your desk.


Auto carrier selection

Manages all your carrier options in one place. It conveniently chooses the best carrier automatically by taking into account the factors such as cost, geographic accessibility, need of multiple carriers, equipment needed and more, to ensure the lowest cost option that can provide all other necessary aspects to the customer.


Invoice & Payment

Billing Support is incredibly important for maintaining good relationships with your carriers. Services such as Invoice management, Accessorial Charges, Automatic Calculation of Carrier Rates and more, to ensure fast, easy and an accurate billing process.


Performance Assessment

Track records, analyse reports and keep measure of all your ongoing and previous performances through dashboard data, to enhance your service quality and improvise.