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We deliver software solutions using both established technologies and tools like C++, .NET, RoR, Python, PHP, and Java, as well as technology trends like Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Machine Learning.

Our employees can choose technological directions they like, study new technologies independently and in interest groups, and practice their skills on real projects. You will not just write software with us. You will be part of teams that help customers digitally transform their businesses.


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The business value of machine learning


Total profit by 2030 will come from AI-powered product enhancements PwC


Expected cost reduction in the next 3 years among intelligent automation adopters Deloitte


Faster response time is expected by 2024 from companies adopting AI Oracle

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5+ years of delivering successful ML projects 

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20+ years in IT consulting and software development services

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Address your enterprise cyber security challenges with our security professionals’ help

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We help businesses unveil and satisfy demand for digital transformation by providing engineering and consulting services that foster competitiveness and innovation.

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Our machine learning services


Our ML consultants offer end-to-end assistance for organizations that implement machine learning solutions or upgrade existing ML applications. Our services range from business needs analysis and designing ML models to selecting the optimal strategy and technologies for implementing ML.


We develop scale-ready MVPs and enterprise-wide ML tools to help our clients solve business problems and gain an advantage over their competitors. Our services include ML requirements elicitation, data management, ML model development and tuning, integration, and maintenance.

Machine learning solutions across industries

Address your enterprise cyber security challenges with our security professionals’ help

Machine learning FAQs

ML implementation brings numerous benefits, the most significant being cost reduction due to the automation of repetitive manual tasks and an increase in operational efficiency due to augmenting human intelligence.

To define the TCO of an ML solution, you should factor in:

  • Data-related attributes (number of data sources, data type, data volume, and data quality used for ML development)
  • ML accuracy requirements
  • ML approach and methodology
  • ML implementation and maintenance costs
  • Infrastructure costs
  • Software licensing

Note that any ballpark estimates are only possible after thorough business analysis.

For machine learning projects, we usually offer a dedicated team, time and material, and fixed-price engagement models.

No, we train the ML models on our instances, you’ll need the infrastructure only for rolling out the solution post-development.


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