Delivery Methodology At ENRBankCBS

ENRBankCBS Implementation requires involvement of the BFSI, process driven delivery methodology. ENRBankCBS follows a structured and proven delivery techniques for processes of Gap analysis to Go-live. The delivery methodology includes:


ENRBankCBS follows Agile approach to Core Banking Systems. ENRBank Core banking system is a modular and customizable platform built to adapt to client’s specific requirements of Market Specific Products, System Integrations, Statutory Compliance Requirement.

For Customizations, we follow ‘Rapid Application Development (RAD)’ methodology, with focus on gathering customer requirements through workshops or focus groups. We invite customer participation in early testing of the prototypes using iterative concept, reuse of the existing modules, continuous integration and rapid deployment.


ENRBankCBS follows a planned, phased and participative approach to Implementation. Customer Nodal teams are involved in Blue Print documentation, Data Cleansing / Verification, UAT, ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions. A practical approach to Software Change and Business Process Change makes sure the Project is completed within planned time and cost.

Online e-Learning Tutorials, User Manuals are available to trainees alongwith Practice Set-up and mock tests. We emphasis on Classroom, at-work training and continuous handholding of the users.

Technical Support

ENRBankCBS Technical Support comprises the customer support thro’ various modes of Onsite Support by TrustBankCBS Team, Onsite Support by Partner Teams, Online Support thro’ Trouble Ticket System, thro’ Remote Desktops and Online IM Channels. A detailed SLA is agreed with the customer and a dedicated Customer Support executive is assigned to the customer who is promptly supported by a Helpdesk comprising large experienced team of Support Engineers and Domain Experts.

The Technical Support comprises Preventive Maintenance Schedule for Application and Infrastructure. With systematic approach to Technical Support, we ensure Maximum uptime and Availability of CBS.


ENRBankCBS Software follows strict Version and Release Management Practices for the release of Changes incorporated. The changes done through the stages of development, testing are built into patches and versions.

ENRBankCBS Functionality involving the Changes and Integrated Functionalities. are tested rigorously in the simulated test environment with Test Cases, and test results are documented. As the test results are certified by QC team the patches / versions are released with Numbering & Release Notes. We follow process of Testing of the patches / versions on the Test Server prior to deployment on Production Server.

Cyber Security Compliance

ENRBankCBS complies to all standards and procedures to eliminate the Cyber Security Threats to its customer Banks. The TrustBankCBS Applications, Mobile Apps are periodically subjected to Stringent Information Security (IS) audits and Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) Tests. TrustBankCBS facilitates the Bank’s to meet Statutory Cyber Security Compliances with necessary certifications of its Applications and Infrastructure (for SaaS).

ENRBankCBS Cyber Security Experts Team regularly inform to Bank’s IT Teams about new Cyber Threats and the measures to be taken to avert such threats and attacks. It covers framing of Cyber Security Policy, Setting up C-SOC, LAN & WAN methodologies, Implementation of tools like Firewalls, Anti-DDOS, HIDS, DLPS and periodic audits and certifications.

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