Power of Chatbot : Digital Assistant / Virtual Assistant


Would like to share a success story with you all which am a bit excited about.

We have recently challenged a customer based out of North America to get a fully functional FAQ chatbot to be deployed in their website in less than a month time @ a staggering cost of around $X ( one time for consulting, design, development, training ( the bot of course) and deployment) PLUS a recurring cost of $Y per month which takes care of the chatbot framework / the very important chat data / cloud server / Email, Calendy Integrations etc. Sounds interesting?

When I say data, for any queries which are unanswered to the customer will be stored in the cloud and needs to be trained to the bot so that next time, those customers with similar queries wouldn’t be dissatisfied. Monthly cost is majorly to maintain all the required important data which would help you to improve your business efficiency. You want your chatbot to be completely functional 24X7 so that none of the customers enquiring about your primary services wouldn’t get disappointed.

Sounds like a reasonable cost? Pls feel free to DM me, I will be in a position to explain to you why I would consider chatbot as one of the major components in the Digital Transformation journey of any organization which would help to improve both your revenue and gross margin together. UI/UX can help to improve the business efficiency ( hence improves revenue) and RPA reduces cost of operations ( hence improves Gross Margin), but chatbot can help you improve both. That’s what makes it unique :-). And it cuts across all industry domains, you name it like Banking, Insurance, Retail, Supply Chain and Logistics, Health Care, Education ( Universities / Schools), Legal Services, Real Estate etc.

Wanted to learn the real power of Chatbots, feel free to ping me. Happy to share my knowledge.

P.S : Am sure I can surprise you big time, if you are curious to know the $X & Y mentioned above. Pls DM me to know the X & Y value.

Jason Clark

An experienced director and marketing strategist for Fortune 100, mid-size and entrepreneurial organizations, I have run global marketing teams for cloud automation, industry based ERP, CRM management and technology companies.Software product marketing and product management leader with experience in marketing management, channel, and direct sales with an emphasis in Cloud, catalog and content management, ERP, MES, and Quality Management systems.