Our Salesforce services and product expertise

Salesforce services encompass consulting, implementation, customization, integration with third parties, support, and other activities to help companies reap maximum benefits from Salesforce CRM. Engagenreap certified architects, consultants, developers and admins can provide a full range of professional Salesforce services.

Why choose Engagenreap

10+ years of experience with Salesforce professional service

20+ years in IT consulting and software development

In-house Salesforce Center of Excellence

76 Salesforce certifications

Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, CPQ and other Salesforce products expertise

Recognized among Top Salesforce Consulting Companies by Clutch

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Our customers say

Sam Wilson
Solutions Architecture Director

We are highly thankful to Engagenreap for their excellent work - they were instrumental in delivering a solution that covered all our needs and beyond. They helped us eliminate fragmented systems, reduce manual data entry, and manage all our processes from a single point. They also performed a number of integrations,... which significantly contributed to better performance. Overall, due to solution implementation performed by Engagenreap and business processes automation, our sales conversion rates increased by 15%.

Our Salesforce services

Engagenreap has Salesforce expertise and tools to support your Salesforce strategy with a suitable service offer.

Within our Salesforce consulting services, we help companies select a Salesforce edition and features and advise on suitable integration, configuration, optimization or customization options for existing Salesforce CRM. We can also conduct an audit of your Salesforce system, diagnosing existing or potential issues.

We perform Salesforce implementation into your corporate cloud environment and carry out all the necessary configurations, data migration, workflow setup, and user training to meet your business needs.

We help you move from your legacy system to a cloud-based Salesforce CRM. We clean and migrate your data, map your workflows on the Salesforce platform, cut redundant features, and add new relevant functions.

If you want to go beyond out-of-the-box capabilities, our experts can modify objects and fields, data models, user permissions, and other platform aspects using default customization capabilities and declarative automation tools.

We automate business processes and develop custom business logic, scheduled and batch jobs, add-ons, and packages for Salesforce using Apex, LWC, Aura, Visualforce, and other development instruments if you require modifications that Salesforce’s out-of-the-box tools can’t cover.

Our industry experience with Salesforce CRM

Engagenreap can customize and deliver an industry-specific Salesforce CRM solution, ensuring that it fully covers the unique needs of your business.

Retail and ecommerce

We provide Salesforce CRM solutions for brick-and-mortar businesses and online retailers that accumulate sales, marketing and customer data in one place and help improve customer communications and sales strategies.


We implement Salesforce-based banking CRMs that aid financial institutions with mapping customer journeys and communication, analyzing customer behavior, and tailoring products and services accordingly.


We deliver an industry-specific Salesforce CRM to help insurance agencies streamline lead generation and sales, automate data collection and reporting, and improve customer loyalty through personalized communication and offers.


Our Salesforce healthcare CRM can help medical service providers harmonize patient data from various channels, automate mundane marketing processes, personalize patient communication, and attract new patients while meeting the needs of existing ones.

Real estate

We deliver Salesforce solutions for property owners, realtors and brokers to centralize lead, property, listing and tenant data, streamline lead and property management, as well as track and automate customer communication.


We implement a Salesforce-based CRM into a manufacturing IT environment to serve as a unified storage of customer data, assist sales agents, streamline marketing campaigns and customer support, and improve revenue management and forecasting.

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