Smart Mask Detection

Smart Mask Detection

Face Mask Detection System using Artificial Intelligence

Integrated with the surveillance technology Face Mask Detection System uses existing IP cameras and CCTV cameras combined with EnR’s Computer Vision Software to detect people without masks.
EnR’s Face Mask Detection is an AI and Computer Vision driven image analytics solution which caters to the Covid-19 related violations. It’s artificial intelligence program detects violations like Face Mask Detection, Social Distance Detection/This system can be deployed on the Hospitals , Office Premises , Government Offices , Schools and Education Institutes, Construction sites, Manufacturing units, Airports etc. The camera with AI-based face mask detection and social distance monitoring can generate real-time alerts.
Face mask detection feature uses visible stream from the camera combined with AI techniques to detect and generate an alert for people not wearing face masks. A user-friendly interface allows monitoring and review of alerts generated by the system. In the fight against the corona-virus, social distancing has proven to be a very effective measure to slow down the spread of the disease


Face mask detection is an AI based technology that analyzes a video stream to detect and recognize a face mask worn by an individual person or a crowd of people. Our DeepSight software outputs a confidence value for each detection. Every individual is classified either as ‘wearing a mask’ or flagged as ‘not wearing a mask’. If the face mask detector application identifies a user as not wearing a mask, a custom message can be delivered via a digital screen to remind all visitors to wear masks before entering the premises.

Retail Industries

Retailers need to monitor their premises to control the current occupancy and wearing of masks. Digital screens can be used to display information for both the number of people allowed in the store and mask detection. Learn more about our occupancy monitoring system here

Public Transports

Wearing face masks in public transport will be mandatory in many parts of the world. Public transport organizations can use the software to automate the checking process with very little resources needed and with efficiency.

Corporate Buildings

With many office buildings opening up and employees coming back to work, face mask detection can be used to maintain a safe environment for everyone. The mask detection system can send alerts or reminders to those not complying.


Our face mask detector can be very effectively used at airports mainly for entrance flow management and monitoring. The software can be added to any access gate or entrance to make sure that all passengers follow the safety rules when boarding a plane.


Hotels, restaurants and bars are opening their doors to the public with certain regulations. In many cases, visitors will be required to wear masks when checking in or interacting with the staff. Ensure a smooth and safe visitor experience.


Because cars usually have very limited space especially when travelling with multiple people, there is no option to keep the standard 1,5 m distance. Thus enforcing masks is important for minimizing the threat of spreading infection.

Smart Mask Detection in Practice

EnR smart mask detection technology is trained to detect all the variations of face masks that are available. From medical masks to personalized cloth masks, the system will accurately detect and confirm mask compliance. 


Real-time analysis

Crowds or individuals

Spoof proof detection

Out of the Box technology

USB / IP / RTSP camera

Linux & Windows

Easily turn on and off

Anonymous analysis