Software as a Service

'Cloud' is future of banking

ENRBankCBS on ‘Cloud’ SaaS Solutions transforms the BFSI into Truly Digital Organization with Highest Availability and Uptime, Branchless Banking, Online Secured Any-where Access from authorized channels & devices.

ENR Bank CBS Software as a Service

ENR BankCBS offers off-the-shelf banking software functionality, on ‘Software as a Service’, i.e. bundled solution of Application Software and Hosting Infrastructure on rent, to growing BFSI organizations.

The SaaS platform allows the BFSI leverage the end-to-end business functionality in ENR BankCBS, with almost zero Capex Cost, economical Opex cost and assured High Up-time of Core Banking Application.

The pre-configured ‘Bank In a Box’ functionality, Best Industry practices in Implementation, and Punctual Technical support, facilitates quick Go-live and Business Scalability with ENR Bank CBS SaaS.

ENR Bank CBS being a Truly Browser Based Software, is a natural choice for SaaS platform. The Browser Based ENR BankCBS on Cloud, is managed and maintained by ENRBankCBS team for rich functionality upgrades, statutory compliance upgrades and technology upgrades for Infrastructure THUS relieving Banks from challenging task of Application & Infrastructure Maintenance.

ENR BankCBS SaaS Offering:

ENR BankCBS SaaS platform offers Managed CBS Application and Infrastructure Solutions of:

  • Virtual Machines on Scalable & Secured Cloud Platform.
  • Server OS, RDBMS (Database) Software Management.
    Core Routers, Load Balancers.
  • Firewalls, Antivirus, Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware, URL Whitelisting, Intrusion Detection & Prevention.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Virtual Private Network, Leased Line Private Network.
  • Storage Management.
  • Database Administration & Management.
  • CBS Application Maintenance, Patches Upgrades.
  • CBS Application, Documents and Database Back-ups.
  • DC-DR Replication and Synchronization.
  • DR Drills, DR High Availability.
  • Infrastructure IS Audits & Certification.
  • VAPT Audit & Compliance for CBS Application.

ENR BankCBS SaaS Benefits:

ENR BankCBS SaaS Solutions transforms the BFSI into Truly Digital Organization with benefits of:

  • Assured Uptime as per SLA upto 99.99% uptime.
  • Tier III, Tier IV Data Center & DR Center facilities.
  • Data Security, Data Loss Protection.
  • Freedom from expensive Application Licenses, Purchase of expensive Legal Software & Infrastructure Equipment.
  • Economical Pay-per-use licensing model with Per Account / Per Member Options.
  • Almost Zero Capex Cost and Minimum Recurring Opex Cost.
  • Periodic Technology refreshment ensures latest technology.
  • Ready-to-go Set-up, Quick Migration and Start of Business.
  • Unmatched Application Scalability with Business Growth.
  • Quick Infrastructure Scalability with Business Growth.
  • 24 X 7 Real time System with DR High Availability.
  • Freedom from Application and Infrastructure Maintenance.
  • Compliance to Statutory IS Audit, Testing & Security Requirements.

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