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Engagenreap is an accomplished telecom development company that builds tailored software solutions for internet, landline and media service providers, broadcasting companies, mobile and satellite network operators, to help them maintain their business and networks, expand service coverage, and enhance customer engagement.


Mobile carriers

Landline service providers


VoIP service providers

Broadcasting companies

Operations support systems (OSS)

We develop suites of back-office applications aimed at supporting telecom services, maintaining the operability of physical equipment and logical assets, and ensuring prompt resolution of occurring network disruptions.

Telecom inventory software

Our team can design an intuitive platform for supervising the lifecycle of physical and logical network assets and tracking their exact locations. This solution will aid in monitoring equipment statuses, evaluating the technical capacity of the operations center and remote sites, and gaining insights into equipment usage rates and the efficiency of procurement strategies.

Telecom SLA monitoring software

Engagenreap builds dedicated applications for maintaining telecom agency service scope and individual technical and operational parameters. Our applications will help you align your service with SLAs and their underpinning agreements, monitor its fulfilment, and automatically alert to bugs and glitches threatening to hinder SLA execution.

Telecom fault management software

To help you provide consistent service quality 24/7, we will develop a system to monitor your infrastructure end to end, including both physical and virtual assets, servers, and the network for potentially disruptive issues and bugs. Such an intelligent system will be able to accurately detect faults, promptly isolate them to prevent further impact, and run the root cause analysis, allowing support specialists to start repairing immediately.

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Security pre-audit

We are a cyber security consulting company that provides advisory services to companies preparing for certifications and compliance checks as part of a comprehensive security audit. We carry out all-round security assessments across an enterprise’s documented security practices and security solutions in place. We also help fill the revealed security gaps and improve security across all the domains.


Security policies
Documented IT assets
Incident response programs
Data protection policies
Security training materials


Application security
Network analytics
Infrastructure protection
Physical security
Endpoint security

Business support systems (BSS)

We build highly-functional software that helps streamline multiple business departments, automate labor-intensive and data-heavy processes, and promote enterprise-wide performance visibility.

Penetration testing

Engagenreap’s ethical hackers perform penetration testing to examine app and network behavior in scenarios close to real-life cyberattacks. Relying on the proven OWASP and PTES methodologies, our team carries out white-, grey- and black-box penetration testing by simulating internal or external intruders’ actions and trying to exploit existing vulnerabilities.

The testing results in a detailed report with a full list of detected vulnerabilities classified by their nature and severity. The list is extended with effective measures for patching the vulnerabilities and restoring security of the tested systems.

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Value-added services, digitized

Choose to diversify your core service range and capitalize on additional digital services. We lend our multidisciplinary expertise to assist you with building your VAS, including its prototyping, integration with your ecosystem, and on-demand configuration and support.


  • Mobile commerce
  • Online games


  • Live streaming
  • Instant messaging

Innovation-driven telecom software development

We will make your services stand out by powering your telecom ecosystem with advanced technologies.

We implement custom and platform-based CRM solutions for retailers to boost their omnichannel sales strategies, customer service, in-store and digital experiences.


We streamline retail back-office operations through a holistic ERP system integration with your business automation ecosystem.

Our ecommerce consultants help retailers launch and grow their digital stores, advising on every aspect of ecommerce technology implementation and optimization.

Engagenreap helps retailers implement data-powered personalization solutions to enhance customers’ loyalty, create efficient marketing campaigns, expand customer base, and increase sales.

Cooperation models

On-demand security consulting

We are open to on-demand security assistance to help you resolve security issues of various origins and restore the normal operation of your IT environment. Our team delivers security enhancements and fine-tunes security solutions, as well as helps pass security testing and certifications.

To start your cooperation with engagenreap, you can choose the option that fits your security goals and budget best.

Managed IT security services

When you don’t have internal computing and human resources to manage your IT ecosystem, you can delegate this demanding task to Engagenreap. Through our managed IT security services, we ensure ongoing monitoring and optimization of your enterprise security posture.


Enterprise cybersecurity: protecting your business

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Learn what security threats plague industrial IoT today and what countermeasures to adopt against them.

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Case study

Shipping automation software migration to the cloud

Read our case study of migrating an international provider’s legacy shipping automation software to the cloud, helping them enter the SaaS market.

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