This world continues to surprise me….

My search for the business partners across countries continued even last week. Got the privilege to speak with wide variety of global citizens across countries.

Would not mind sharing some of those great conversations :

  1. Did come across two separate instances one from India and Oman, where I did chat with two gentle men who has was very curious about the new business model proposed and was trying to grill me down with some good questions. One is an technical architect and another one is a recent entrepreneur. Believe, I could manage to handle both of them with my responses. They are still active in my LinkedIn. One already met in google meet and discussed the next steps. Another one we are e-meeting today.
  2. Another gentle man got into my google meet and started firing questions left, right, center and bottom. Some of them were really thought provoking. As Business Partner, if he, somehow, convinces the customer on my digital solutions and bring into a call and I don’t turn what will he do. Interesting. He went one level up from there. We both work together to close a deal, convince them, develop and implement the solution, get our pay checks and what not. Suddenly if my organization disappears what will he do. What would happen to the trust he has built in with the customer over years. Wow. I will never ever blame him for some of those queries, though it was a bit annoying knowing myself well. I think we should not let the basic mutual trust among human beings not to fade away. I have managed to handle the situation asking him to go thru my digital solutions and if none of them are convincing for him to sell, then ideally he shouldn’t be worrying much about the rest. I think he has got my message and happily dropped.

  1. A gentle man from Middle East shared me a time slot of 15 mins to call him in his mobile. My practice is to share the google meet link with all to get them into the call. But before sharing the link, I have a standard write up on my new business model, which I would send them all to save both of our valuable time in the call. I will entertain only those who respond positive to my write up. I did take a similar route for this gentleman as well and asking him that if he would be still interested. It seems he hasn’t gone through my message, rather seems waited for my call. And later I see a funny response from him that stop mailing me and I don’t want to work with those who don’t keep their promises. Hilarious, what could I say. I wished him same to you and a good luck as well.
  2. The most important one in the week, which I believe the destiny got me to this gentle man. I can’t think of any other reason. This is an entrepreneur from Pakistan, after spending more than 20+ years in Saudi, has returned back to Pakistan and running a non-profit organization to help the healthcare and education domains. He is managing a lot of clinics in remote village in Pakistan and several doctors for this service. He is already partnering technology to automate a lot of redundant tasks, which makes their day to day operations smooth. So he was interested to know the AI/ML digital solutions with me and possibilities to leverage for his foundation. We spoke some common human language other than English yesterday. I was behind a lot of doctors in India to share my thoughts for quite sometime ( all disappeared for known reasons), but seems destiny took me to Pakistan. Let’s see how it would go from here.

Again, what am proving back to the whole world is how technology could be leveraged efficiently during this touch pandemic times. My all digital solutions are totally cantered around it.

Jason Clark

An experienced director and marketing strategist for Fortune 100, mid-size and entrepreneurial organizations, I have run global marketing teams for cloud automation, industry based ERP, CRM management and technology companies.Software product marketing and product management leader with experience in marketing management, channel, and direct sales with an emphasis in Cloud, catalog and content management, ERP, MES, and Quality Management systems.