Use Cases of Digital Assistant for Layman – Educational Domain

I see a lot of queries where some of my connections find it difficult to understand the real power of Digital Assistant. On a fine Sunday here at Chennai, I thought of narrating a small story which anyone could easily relate to. Let me make a try :

Scene 1 :

London Local Time 11.30 PM : Parents ( of Indian Origin) of 2 children relocating from London to Mumbai for good.

Elder one is 8 years old and the younger one is 5. A bit worried about their education when they shift over to Mumbai. Both the parents settled down in front of their laptop searching for big schools in Mumbai. They don’t really have patience to browse thru the site, but they have a lot of queries in mind to ask. It’s already early morning in India, where there wouldn’t be anyone to answer their queries in mobile/phone.

There pops up a chat window on the right bottom corner from one famous school in Mumbai. Thought they would flush out all their questions to the chatbot ( without much hope), to their surprise it keeps answering all their queries in a very intelligent manner. It was a Conversational AI chatbot which the school has implemented. The parents could sleep peacefully with some clarity in their mind on which school to choose.

Scene 2 :

Next day Morning 8.30 at Mumbai School : Admin Assistant checking their report from their Chatbot.

The School administration is happy to see a query from London and they have the parents’ contact details. Patiently wait for the sunrise in London to call them and ensure parents wouldn’t search for any other school in Mumbai.

Climax Scene

Next Month Morning 10.00 at Mumbai School : Parents meeting the Principal for admission formalities.

Lessons Learned : Two new students to be enrolled into the school, purely due to the Digital Transformation which the school decided to adopt.

Jason Clark

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