Augmented & virtual reality development

Our services

AR development

We will create bespoke AR software that pushes the boundaries of end-users’ real-world environment, enabling meaningful interactions with overlaid 2D and 3D objects.

VR development

Our team will craft a task-specific VR application to present realistic three-dimensional visuals and simulate an interactive sensory experience within a multi-projected environment.

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Our AR & VR expertise


Engagenreap consultants explore the requirements and map out a platform-based or custom AR/VR software that aligns with our clients’ strategies. Collaborating with stakeholders, the team refines the project roadmap and settles on the technology stack, design, and project timeline.

Experience design

We render multi-dimensional device-agnostic experiences that strike a balance between entertainment and purpose without overpowering users. Our designers deliver realistic interfaces and ensure authentic interactivity by studying user behavior and prototyping the storyboards.

Hardware integration

Our team gears AR and VR solutions specifically for the intended devices. We ensure the software effectively communicates with sensors, GPS, trackers, controllers, cameras, and other hardware elements, and delivers unhindered visual and haptic experience.

Select your way of augmentation

Augmented reality is multi-faceted. We give you the choice to mold this technology in line with your services and business objectives, and then hand over its development to Engagenreap.

AR development

Our AR developer team creates applications that leverage mobile geolocation features to augment the user’s surroundings with relevant information. Undoubtedly valuable for the travel industry, this also gains traction in gaming and advertising.


We deliver AR solutions that detect items (objects, visual markers, scenes, facial expressions, and gestures) via the camera and trigger overlays naturally placed in the environment, be it a production site, the classroom, or a retail outlet.


Engagenreap develops AR software that overlays interactive three-dimensional projections over physical-world objects for their closer inspection and assisted training. Such projection-based AR can be a great addition to manufacturing and logistics workflows.


We devise AR-enabled apps that superimpose realistically rendered 3D models of physical objects onto the real-world space, fitting them smartly in any conditions. This type of AR is especially promising for the retail industry.

We deliver immersiveness across industries

With the hands-on software development experience in various verticals, our augmented and virtual reality teams can assist expertly in a number of industry-specific use cases.

Improve the quality of patient care and provide practical training exercises to health specialists.

  • Virtual medical training
  • AR-assisted surgery
  • AR/VR rehabilitation and therapy

Automate supply chain management and reduce the chance of human error at every stage.

  • Pick-by-vision solutions
  • Barcode reading with smart glasses
  • Augmented inventory management

Deliver more engaging shopping experiences via AR/VR-driven interactions.

  • Smart AR mirrors and shop windows
  • 3D product catalogs
  • Virtual shops

Level up educational efficiency and drive learning by doing with immersive technologies.

  • 3D projections
  • Virtual event recreation
  • Augmented and virtual field trips

Equip your production space with augmented or virtual reality software to optimize labor-intensive processes.

  • Virtual prototypes
  • AR-enabled product quality control
  • AR-assisted staff training

Our augmented and virtual reality development toolbox

Our AR and VR development company creates software for an array of devices supporting immersive experiences, such as eyewear, headsets, haptic devices, as well as smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Our engineers and designers are proficient with AR/VR frameworks and SDKs, which allows them to deliver powerful platform-agnostic software and high-end simulation for every single project.

Frameworks & SDKs

We established our Customer Success program uniting a dedicated team of executives and senior managers ready to join your project as advisors and supervisors who will plan, execute and evolve a success strategy to bring extra value to your project.


As a quality-oriented software development company, we continuously maintain the highest standards of software engineering. These practices make up our quality management system that covers such aspects as information security, secure development, and technical coordination.

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