Pratik Shah

Pratik Shah

Am here to share an professional experience of mine, where I had happily rejected a customer within 10-15 mins into a call

When running a business, we’re always striving to improve our operations in one way or another. Getting that extra 5% of output

My search for the business partners across countries continued even last week. Got the privilege to speak with wide variety of global

I see a lot of queries where some of my connections find it difficult to understand the real power of Digital Assistant.

ERP for Manufacturing Since March 2020, the world has convulsed under the strain of a pandemic, the attempts to mitigate it, civil

This is my 3rd in the series about the power of chatbots. Just to bring awareness to the layman out there, on

  Would like to share a success story with you all which am a bit excited about. We have recently challenged a

  Wanted to sincerely thank each one of you who has shared and “liked” my chatbot posting yesterday. And those who have